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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite. The scourge of modern woman. It looks like 'orange peels' on the thighs and buttocks and is enough to drive many women away from the beach forever. But we don't have to limit ourselves to long-sleeved blouses and tight panty-hose the rest of our lives: There are some highly-successful treatments available. Read on and learn how cellulite can be controlled, if not conquered.

Who Gets Cellulite and Where It Manifests

It's not only overweight people who get cellulite: Naturally thin women can also suffer from this problem. Mostly it manifests on the thighs and buttocks, but some people get it under their arms or on their belly. Sometimes the cellulite is visible only when the skin is pinched between the fingers, or when jogging or walking. The problem increases as one ages, thought to be due in part to the reduction of collagen and elastin that comes about as a side-effect of aging (which also explains why wrinkles develop as we get older). Indeed, according to some statistics, cellulite is a problem that affects 90% of women over the age of 30.

Cellulite Causes

Fat distribution in subcutaneous tissue; cellulite is shown on the left, normal fat cells on the right
A cross section of cellulite in the body

Cellulite is actually fat cells just beneath the skin, in that layer the biologists call 'subcutaneous.' After years of extensive research, scientists still haven't been able to determine the exact root cause for its formation and why some areas are more affected than others. Age, gender, skin thickness, the amount of extra fat carried, all play a part. As mentioned previously, the levels of naturally-produced collagen and elastin are thought to play a role. There may be a connection between certain toxins entering the body via diet. Some scientists classify it as a problem caused by hormones, others as a problem rooted in the irregular distribution of fat throughout a woman's body (which would explain why men rarely suffer from the condition, as the fat in their bodies is consistent throughout). Whatever the case, as the mass of fat cells pushes up against the connective tissue, the surface of the skin dimples, giving the appearance of lumps. Cellulite forms. Read more about Cellulite causes.

Cellulite Treatment

It is almost impossible to make cellulite disappear entirely. However, there are several treatments available to improve its appearance, including:

Cellulite Cream - Recommended

Creams. Toally non-invasive, and yet some of them can be highly effective. Many creams on the market claim to eliminate cellulite entirely. Well that is just not true. We'll help you sift through the hype to find a cream that's best for you, and what to realistically expect.

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Body Wraps - Recommended

Wraps drain excess water from beneath the skin and firm up the surface. Wraps actually work really well, however the effect is extremely temporary. Best used just before going to the beach.

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Anti-Cellulite Exercise & Diet - The 10-Step Plan - Recommended

Many people believe that the only realistic way to reduce the amount of fatty tissue a person has is to follow a controlled diet plan and exercise regularly. In this section, you will find our famous Ten-Step Plan to Reduce Cellulite.

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Cellulite Massage

Some cosmetic clinics offer a massage service which they say rids the body of cellulite but in fact only hides it by puffing up the skin of the surrounding areas.

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Endermologie Lipomassage

A massage service with a mechanized device! Better than ordinary spa cellulite massage treatments? Find out. Available through plastic surgeons, dermatologists and bariatric specialists.

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Laser treatment for cellulite

Similar to endermologie, except that a laser is used to massage the skin at an infradermic level.

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The most invasic therapy is liposuction of course, where fat is sucked from the body. This remedy offers only temporary relief -- liposuction should only be used to remove deep fats and is not very effective in the removal of cellulite.

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An expensive procedure whereby a chemical cocktail is injected directly into the cellulite. This is one you definately want to avoid.

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The mesotherapy of liposuction. Strangely, though it is aimed at removing deep fats rather than cellulite, it is often marketed at individuals with cellulite.

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Velasmooth uses light, sound and massage to increase the elasticity of the skin and temporarily push the fat cells deeper into the skin.

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While there isn't a way to totally get rid of cellulite without drastically changing your lifestyle, you can certainly improve the look of it! Follow our recommended treatments above and you'll be showing off that bathing suit in time for summer!